A ELCS employee using a hand held trimmer to trim a hedge.

Landscaping Service

Elite Lawn Care Specialists offers landscaping services in Louisville.

Our most popular landscaping services are:

  • Pruning
  • Mulch
  • Flower bed cleanups

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ELCS Is Your Landscaper In Louisville

We know there are a lot of landscape companies to choose from in Louisville and we want you to know they are not all created equal!

ELCS strives to separate itself from the other local landscapers by providing our clients with a level of customer service they have never experienced before.

A line of neatly and uniformly pruned hedges in a landscape bed lining a home.

Shrub Pruning

We prune all types of bushes and shrubs.  Every pruning service always includes the collection and removal of the clippings.

Along with trimming shrubs and bushes, we all cut back perennials and ornamental grass, as well as trimmed small trees and low-hanging branches.

A very large landscape bed filled with fresh black mulch, decorative rocks, and neatly pruned shrubs.

Mulch Service

Our mulch service could not be simpler!

You pick the color of the mulch you would like to have installed, then we do the rest!

We will deliver and spread your mulch.  Before we spread any mulch, we will redefine your flower bed edges and remove any existing weeds.

A overgrown flower bed filled with weeds.

Flower Bed Cleanups

It happens so fast!  We understand.  Before you know what happened weeds have taken over your landscape beds.

Do not worry!  We offer flower bed cleanup services no matter how overgrown your landscape has become.  You may be surprised how affordable it is to have us whip your landscape back into shape.

A commercial building lined with landscape beds filled with fresh mulch and neatly trimmed shrubs.

Commercial Landscaping

Yes!  We do offer our landscaping services to businesses in Louisville.


Complete Grounds Maintenance

Elite Lawn Care Specialists caters to our commercial customers with the same level of service we offer our residential customers.

ELCS would like to provide your Louisville based business with our bid to maintain your grounds.  We can keep your lawn and landscape looking its best all season long and provide you with snow removal services during the winter months.

A large overgrown shrub before being pruned by ELCS.
A large shrub after being pruned by ELCS. The shrub has been neatly and carefully pruned back into its natural shape.

Before and After Our Shrub Pruning Service

If your shrubs look like they ‘need a haircut,’ consider us your landscape barber!

We love the instant gratification we receive from seeing a landscape full of hairy shrubs when we arrive compared to the manicured appearance they have when we leave.

A residential walk way overgrown with weeds.
A previously overgrown walk way after a weed removal service from ELCS. All weeds have been removed and taken away for disposal.

Before and After Weed Removal Service

We remove weeds from everywhere!

Weeds are weeds because they need little to nothing to thrive.  This paver entrance is a perfect example.  Weeds had taken over growing through the cracks before we arrived, but after we left no one would have ever known they were ever there!

A line of hedges that are very bushy and overgrown before a hedge trimming service.
A previously overgrown hedge after a hedge trimming service from ELCS. The hedges have been trimmed back into a neat and uniform shape.

Before and After Our Hedge Trimming Service

Hedge trimming is a specific term used when referring to pruning shrubs that have grown into a hedge.  This just means over time each shrub has grown enough that it touches the shrub next to it on each side.

Pruning hedgerows is one of our favorite things to do.

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