A ELCS employee unloading a large commercial lawn mower from a trailer.

Lawn Mowing Service

Our lawn mowing service includes:

  • The lawn mowing itself
  • Trimming around obstacles and edges
  • Blowing off grass clippings
  • Detailed Edging is a surcharge

On schedule like clockwork at a fair price.

Our weekly lawn mowing service starts at just $45! 

Our bi-weekly (every other week) starts at just $67.50!

*Sales tax isn’t included in our stated price for lawn mowing!

*Credit/Debit Cards Fees are included in our stated price for lawn mowing!

Contact us today for a free estimate.

We Make Lawn Maintenance Easy

Maintaining your lawn has never been so easy with Elite Lawn Care Specialists.

All you have to do is request and accept our quote to mow your lawn, and we take it from there.

Expect us to show up on time and to perform quality mowing service, each and every service.

A residential lawn after a grass cutting service by ELCS. The grass has been neatly mowed and all clippings have been cleaned up.

We Mow in Neighborhoods

Our specialty is mowing typical neighborhood lawns in Louisville. Such as Valley Station, PRP, Shively, & more.  We also offer commercial lawn mowing as well. Larger residential properties are welcomed. Click above for more information about the neighborhoods. As we grow, more will follow.

100% Guaranteed

A sidewalk in a residential neighborhood. The sidewalk has been edged.

Trimming, Edging, & Cleanups

A professional mowing service from ELCS always includes trimming.  Anywhere the lawnmower cannot reach will be cut using a string trimmer. All grass clippings will be blown back into the lawn. We edge as well for an upcharge, for that clean look.

A professional push mower sitting on a trailer.

We Mow Fenced Yards

Elite Lawn Care Specialists have several types of commercial-grade lawn mowers that include push mowers.  Some companies turn down lawns with small gates, not us! We close your gates too! 


A large commercial lot surrounding a parking lot that has recently been mowed by ELCS. All clippings have been cleaned up, leaving a neat and tidy lot.

Commercial Lawn Services

We offer commercial lawn mowing and other lawn services to Louisville-based businesses.


Mowing For Louisville's Businesses

Our commercial clients can expect the same attention to detail we provide our residential clients.  And, the same over-the-top customer service we provide all of our customers.

We typically mow our commercial properties early in the week so your lawn looks great all week lawn as your customers come and go.  We know picking up trash is part of commercial mowing.  All trash is picked up before each mowing service.  All flower beds are monitored for weeds each visit as well.

A large residential lot that is overgrown with grass. There is a banner of text in the left corner of the picture that reads we fix this.

Overgrown Lawn Management

If your grass has become overgrown, we can still help!


We Will Mow Overgrown Lawns or Vacant Properties

There are plenty of reasons a lawn may become overgrown, no matter the reason, we are willing to get your lawn back under control.

Please understand if your lawn is overgrown, we will need to provide you with a special price to get it back to a maintainable state.  Once your lawn is back under control, we can offer our ongoing scheduled lawn mowing service at our normal rate for a property of your size.

Free Lawn Mowing Estimates

All we need is your address and a phone number or email address to provide you with your lawn mowing price.

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