A landscape bed filled with fresh mulch courtesy of ELCS.

Lawn and Landscape Cleanups

We are here for your spring lawn care needs and will still be here when your lawn and landscape needs to be cleaned up in the fall.

Our most popular cleanup services include:

  • Leaf pickup
  • Yard waste removal
  • Weeding Service
  • Storm cleanup

Contact us today for a free estimate! Lawn cleanups start at just $150.00.

Seasonal Services

Tending to the lawn and landscape as the seasons’ change can easily become overwhelming to the average homeowner.  Elite Lawn Care Specialists has the proper equipment and experience to handle this for you.

A small landscape bed filled with fresh black mulch and small yellow flowers.

Spring Lawn Care

Even if you have your leaves removed in the fall, there is a good chance more will fall or blow into your lawn over the winter months.  We’ll pick up any remaining leaves or other yard debris to get your lawn started off on the right foot each spring.

A two story residential home in the fall with a lawn that is covered in fallen leaves.

Fall Lawn Care

The main cleanup service we offer each fall is leaf cleanup.  Along with removing the leaves from your lawn, landscape, and paved surfaces, we will also collect any debris and fully prepare your lawn and landscape for the holidays ahead.

A large residential lot covered in fallen leaves before a leaf removal service.

Leaf Removal

Leaf removal is a much-needed service for many properties in Louisville each fall.  When you hire ELCS to remove your leaves you do not even have to get them to the curb.  We can collect and remove all of the leaves from your property.

A landscape bed filled with overgrown shrubs and plants before a pruning service.

Weeding Service

We hand pull weeds by the roots so they will not return!


Overgrown Landscape Cleanup Services

Once a landscape becomes so overgrown most homeowners do not have the proper equipment to clean it up on their own.  There is no need to worry because ELCS does have the proper equipment and experience to regain control of your overgrown landscape.

Cleaning up an overgrown landscape can include pulling weeds, pruning the plant material, removing and debris in the beds, and anything else needed to make it look great once again.

After a big landscape cleanup job is a perfect time to have us spread fresh mulch!

A tree that has been broken in half during a storm before being cleaned up by ELCS.

Storm Cleanup Service

From time to time we have high-speed winds or heavy rainstorms that leave lawns and landscapes in need of a serious cleanup, we’re up for the challenge.


Lawn and Landscape Storm Restoration

Luckily, Louisville is not in an area prone to too much severe weather, but we do get severe storms from time to time.

If your lawn or landscape did not fare well in a recent storm, please contact us for a very reasonable quote to get it back to normal as quickly as possible.

Free Cleanup Estimates

Give us a call, or send us a message via our contact form to request your free lawn and landscape cleanup estimate.

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